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Rahul arrived in Canada as a newcomer during the pandemic. “When I came to this country in 2021, I didn’t know too many people,” he says. On his regular commute on the 511 Bathurst streetcar, he began taking notice of the large West Neighbourhood House sign at our 588 Queen Street West location, and decided …

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anabela teaches students and seniors on zoom

In the fall of 2020, Anabela Rato, an Assistant Professor and Associate Chair of Portuguese Studies, reached out about a volunteer position helping to provide technology support for seniors engaging with our online programming. She knew about the House’s strong Portuguese community, and as a native Portuguese speaker, she thought she could be of help.
Little …

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By Katrina Raymundo
24 hours… was the amount of time I spent binge-watching TV shows on Netflix on most weekends.
One day, as I finished another TV series, I thought that all this time to myself could partly be used to do other worthwhile activities, such as volunteering. While searching online for opportunities, I chanced upon the …

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