Policies - West Neighbourhood House

The following policies support West Neighbourhood House’s vision, mission, and values. Their purpose is to guide the actions and decision-making of individuals on a particular subject.

This page is intended as a reference for all members of the West Neighbourhood House community — employees, volunteers, participants, students, visitors, contractors and suppliers.

West Neighbourhood House’s policies are reviewed periodically.  The most updated policies are found below. Please click on a link to read the policy in full.

Acceptance of Gifts

Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Multiyear Plan

Advocacy Policy

Bed Bugs Policy

Board Political Activity

Code of Conduct

Complaints Policy

Concussion Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Customer Service Policy

Donations Policy

Emergency Response Policy

Equity Policy

Fee for Service Policy

Fee for Service Procedures

Health & Safety Policy

Participant Rights and Responsibilities

Policy on Policies

Privacy Policy

Procurement Policy

Psychological Safety Policy

Respectful Workplace Policy

Right To Disconnect from Work

Risk Management Policy

Serious Occurrence Policy

Use of Information Technology

Working Remotely

Workplace Violence Policy

Workplace Harassment Policy

Workplace Violence and Harassment Procedures

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