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Mission, Vision, Values and Priorities

Our Mission

West Neighbourhood House enables less advantaged individuals, families and groups in the community to gain greater control over their lives and within their community.

Our Vision

West Neighbourhood House works with our resources and in partnership with the community to promote personal and social change in order to achieve a safe, healthy and accepting society for all.

Guiding Principles

  • Build bridges within and across communities
  • Promote access to full participation in society by addressing barriers like illiteracy, inadequate incomes, unaffordable housing and discrimination of all types
  • Assist people to meet individual and family needs
  • Provide the tools and opportunities for people to control their own lives and to take on leadership in the community
  • Advocate for changes in social systems that will ensure dignity, quality of life and equal opportunities for all.


Our Commitment to Dignity

West Neighbourhood House values the dignity of each individual and the responsibility of each of us to care for others.

The conditions that contribute to dignity include:

  • a useful and valued place in society
  • an adequate and stable income that provides for basic needs
  • adequate and affordable choices for housing
  • a positive appreciation of the importance of diversity (individually and in terms of groups) to our community life

West Neighbourhood House’s actions to attain this vision include:

  • reaching diverse community members
  • motivating and engaging community involvement
  • transmitting the House’s values
  • participatory research and analysis
  • providing organizing opportunities for community involvement
  • celebrating and sustaining community participation


Strategic Priorities

  • Produce the most positive impact possible.
  • Preserve community benefits for perpetuity.
  • Reposition the House in the community to respond to rapid and profound external changes.