Natasha’s Experience as a Volunteer Meals on Wheels Driver - West Neighbourhood House

Natasha Meals on Wheels Natasha McKenna has been volunteering with the Meals on Wheels (MOW) program since the fall of 2014.
She came to the program with a friend, both of whom do not own cars. The women take turns borrowing an AutoShare vehicle and frequently volunteer, bringing hot meals to members of the community. “From my first shift I noticed the variety of people you get to meet on the route”, says McKenna. “You realize how important that short interaction is, as well as the meals you are bringing to their homes.”

It has been almost a year now and the two friends are in a groove with their MOW route. Despite meeting many different people, they have become familiar with some of the community members and their families. “Many seniors know you’re a MOW volunteer and they buzz you in before you even get to the door. For some of them, the MOW presence in the building is part of their experience.”

Even though Natasha doesn’t own her own vehicle, she is able to have access to one thanks to AutoShare. Although originally she intended on being a “runner” for MOW and not necessarily a driver, being behind the wheel has allowed her to be a part of a complete volunteer experience. “You are a part of making sure the route is efficient. You are a part of helping… and it allows you to see the city in a different way.”
The Meals on Wheels Program is in need of volunteer drivers this season. You or your friends don’t need to own a car to get involved! Thanks to our partnership with car sharing company AutoShare, our Meals on Wheels drivers get a full year membership and free use of vehicles to deliver meals. Get in touch with the Volunteer Program for all the details! Contact: or 416-532-4828 (ext. 105 or 171)

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