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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Meals on Wheels Drivers

We are currently recruiting more Drivers and Cyclists. Are you interested in joining this great team of Meals on Wheels volunteers?

Meals on Wheels’ Thursday crew

This winter was snowy, cold and icy but that didn’t deter the dedicated Meals on Wheels team from delivering meals 6 days a week. What keeps them committed week after week? Read some comments from our Thursday crew!

“The people we serve and the people I volunteer with!”

“I don’t feel like it’s that much. It’s a couple of hours out of my week. I feel I could do much more!”

“This community! I didn’t expect the hangout before with other volunteers, it’s great.”

Read more about becoming a driver or a cyclist:

Meals on Wheels – Driver

Meals on Wheels – Cyclist

House -wide volunteer opportunities:

Friendly Visiting

Meals-On-Wheels Runner (no car required)

Adult Literacy Tutor

If you don’t see anything for you or if you have any questions about a position, please contact us.