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Program Description

West Neighborhood House, Greenest City Program is seeking volunteers to support our Urban Agriculture/Gardens program. This program directly supports three communal gardens in the South of Parkdale: Hope Garden, Milky Way Garden, and Dunn Learning Garden in which families living on low-income and/or Indigenous participants grow food and indigenous medicines for personal use and …

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Program Description

Greenest City through Kids Growing the Future, Great Garden Adventure is seeking a volunteer (18 years old and older) to help in weekly content creation and program support. This is a children’s gardening program that aims to educate low-income kids who live in Parkdale about sustainable ways of living and climate action. The volunteer …

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Program Description

West Neighborhood House, Greenest City Program is looking for volunteers to support our weekly Parkdale Community Good Food Market in Parkdale (PCFM). This program helps to bridge the gap between farmers and low-income communities by buying directly from farmers and distributing their bounty to low-income produce stands. Additionally, the PCFM represents a gathering and …

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On April 10th, the Ontario provincial legislature passed Bill 173, declaring intimate partner violence an epidemic in Ontario.

West Neighbourhood House joins the call for governments at all levels to expedite actions and investments to address intimate partner violence. This includes investing immediately in more units of affordable housing for survivors of intimate partner violence to …

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