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A father sits at his computer with coffee while a mother and child cuddle on the couch beside him
One-on-one support with parents and children is available every Monday by appointment. Our weekly one-to-one Parent Support allows parents to discuss any topics with an experienced early childhood professional. Please contact Sonia at 416-891-9629 or to schedule your personal time.

Essential information

What it is:

Speak to our Family Support Worker Sonia to learn more or get support about:

  • How to encourage hands-on learning
  • Setting up experiential learning environments
  • Establishing clear routines
  • Creating child-friendly spaces
  • How to keep children physically active
  • Healthy eating habits for toddlers
  • Toilet training techniques
  • Creating a behaviour modification plan
  • Encouraging healthy communication development in infants
  • Reinventing screen time
  • Encouraging autonomy

Who can get support:

All parents with children between 0 and 6.

Note: As this is a virtual program, you do not need to live in West Neighbourhood House’s local area. Everyone in Ontario is welcome.


Online or over the phone.





To register:

Contact Sonia at 416-891-9629 or

For more information about programming for children at West Neighbourhood House, please see our page on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more involved in preschool programming?
We have a Preschool Program Facebook page where we share a variety of activities to keep children and their families entertained and busy through resources, chats and live events such as cooking playdough, arts and crafts, and storytelling. Learn more about the EarlyON program.

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