Parkdale Planning Study - West Neighbourhood House

Last year, over 50 agencies in Parkdale (including West NH) worked together with 100s of volunteers, and 1000s of Parkdale residents to develop a vision and plan for the future of Parkdale.

The Parkdale Plan has been informed by four core neighbourhood values that emerged from the community planning process: diversity, affordability, inclusion, and equity.

The plan also identified and builds on the many strengths and assets in Parkdale and it’s people.

Community visioning and research identified the following 7 areas for community action

1) Improve and expand our social infrastructure like parks, library’s, resident groups
2) Affordable housing and land use in Parkdale
3) Decent work and inclusive economic opportunities
4) Access to healthy, culturally appropriate and affordable food and food production
5) Creating, legitimizing and accessing alternative financial supports, services and products
6) Increasing our knowledge and authority in decisions that affect Parkdale that are currently made by others
7) Promoting and sharing our culture and knowledge

Currently working groups are meeting to implement over 35 directions for action.

Click the image below to read the summary of the report. 

To read the full report, click here. 

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