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Our public apology and pledge to fight anti-Black racism

Our public apology and pledge to fight anti-Black racism

As the leadership of West Neighbourhood House, the Management and the Board deeply regret and apologize for anti-Black racism in the House.

Over the past months, Black staff have spoken out about anti-Black racism that they and Black community members have encountered in the House and the harm this has caused. Whether overt or subtle, whether intentional or not, anti-Black racism causes pain and harm, damages the organization, and undermines our mission.

As a first step, the Management and Board are initiating an externally-led organizational review of anti-Black racism and discrimination throughout the House’s operations. The review will look at how and to what extent anti-Black racism is embedded in policies, practices and behaviours in West Neighbourhood House, and make recommendations for moving forward.

As Management and Board, we are committed to transforming West Neighbourhood House programs and practice in collaboration with all staff, volunteers, and community members.