Community Advisory Group on Social Issues - West Neighbourhood House

A group of CAGSI members stand together
The Community Advisory Group on Social Issues (CAGSI) consists of up to 12 community members from across all the programs of West Neighbourhood House who have been identified as leaders in their community.

A West Neighbourhood House Board member acts as a liason between the Group and the Board of Directors.


The purpose of CAGSI is to build on, increase and sustain the capacity of low-income, marginalized communities in order to:

  1. contribute to broader public dialogue and advocacy aimed at increasing income security and social inclusion; and
  2. represent their diversity of life experiences in and through civic engagement


CAGSI helps West Neighbourhood House to:

  • Determine which community issues to work on (e.g. affordable housing)
  • Develop the positions and advocacy strategies to take with governments and other agencies and coalitions we work with (e.g. universal child care program)
  • Get feedback and engage other community members in establishing positions, strategies and advocating for change (e.g. help organize and facilitate Town Hall meetings)
  • Educate the public on the positions and reform ideas that have been developed (e.g. talk with media, speak with politicians/bureaucrats, participate in sector campaigns and projects)
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