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Our pandemic plan

Our pandemic plan

While Toronto is in lockdown, we are counting on our community
to take these steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

In these times, more than ever, we’re here for our neighbours. During the COVID-19 pandemic, you can call 416-532-4828 or email to access our programs.

With limited exceptions, our locations remain closed to the public — feel free to wave at us through the window, but please don’t stop by. Instead, give us a call or email.

Here’s a little update:

We’re open remotely

Most programs are operating online and over the phone. We’re accepting new participants and referrals! Things look a little different — newcomer youth are getting fit and learning photography together over Zoom, seniors are doing yoga from their living rooms, and adult learners are video chatting with their tutors! We’re still here: Please reach out.

Essential in-person services are running

A few key programs have been operating in-person services throughout the pandemic, and continue to do so. The following programs running with additional safety measures in place:

When it is safe, we will reopen gradually

We will be slowly resuming in-person and group activities with new cleaning and screening procedures in place, when it is safe to do so. This will start with our services for the most vulnerable community members. For updates, stay tuned here and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Please keep being safe

For the time being, please don’t drop by any of our locations unannounced. If you are coming in for some reason, please follow all the posted safety advice. Everyone inside our buildings must wear a mask. And finally, keep doing your part to reduce the spread of the virus. The sooner we all do that, the sooner the House will throw open the doors once again!

please follow covid-19 safety rules - stay home if you feel sick, keep your distance, meet outside and let in fresh air, wash hands and surfaces, and wear a mask