– Refugee Assistance Resources

Last week, community members came together at West NH for a Syrian Refugee Assistance Forum. Below is a list of links we mentioned at the forum that community members may find useful.

If you can think of another link that would be a useful addition to this page, please email Kaleigh at kaleighwi@westnh.org.

Useful Links

http://lifelinesyria.ca/ – A community group dedicated to facilitating the sponsorship of Syrian refugees.

http://www.arabcommunitycentre.com/home/ – A community organization which provides settlement services and support to newcomers of Arab background, including those from Syria.

http://www.rstp.ca/en/ – Refugee Sponsorship Training Program – walks potential sponsors through the sponsorship process and can assist with issues as they arise.

http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/refugees/sponsor/list-sponsors.asp – List of Sponsorship Agreement Holders (organizations already authorized by the federal government to sponsor refugees).

http://www.cic.gc.ca/ENGLISH/RESOURCES/PUBLICATIONS/ref-sponsor/index.asp – guidelines for anyone interested in submitting a refugee sponsorship

http://www.scaddingcourt.org/home2/syrian_refugee_fundraiser/make_a_donation.html – Scadding Court is hosting a Refugee Fundraising Dinner on November 25th


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