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Seniors Program Fees

Please see below for a list of fees associated with some our Seniors Programs. For more information please call Seniors Intake at 416-532-4828 ext. 146. Subsidies may be available based on financial assessment.

To download a printable pdf of Seniors Program Fees, please click here: Seniors Program Fees 2017

Program Fees

Home Help

$13.25 Per hour (Minimum/2hrs visit)

Home Help Private

$27.00 Per hour (Minimum/2hrs visit)


$15.60 Per hour (Minimum/2hrs visit)

Respite Private

$28.10 Per hour (Minimum/2hrs visit)

Respite on Stat Holidays

$56.10 Per hour

Adult Day Services

Morning & Afternoon: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Afternoon & Evening : 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.

$24.00 per day– plus transportation

Extended hours

– clients from the morning shift staying past 6 p.m:

extra charge of $10.00


ADS (each way)

$ 3.70

Group Rides (other)

$ 3.50

Grocery Shopping (round trip)

$ 6.85

Less than 5km

$ 6.50

From 5km to 10km


From 10km to 15km


From 15km to 20km


From 20mk to 25km


Over 25km (plus $1.05/km each way)


Meals On Wheels

Hot Meals – (entrée, dessert, crackers, soup)

$ 6.70

Frozen – Package 7 entrées


Frozen – Package of 5 meals


Frozen – Entrées Single

$ 5.40

Frozen – Single Soup/Dessert or Breakfast Snack

$ 1.70

Subsidies may be available based on a financial assessment.

For information please call: Seniors Intake 416-532-4828 ext. 146