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Visiting, Social and Safety Program

The Visiting, and Social Safety Program provides socialization and companionship to isolated seniors as well as adults with disabilities. The program helps clients to maintain a social contact and integrates them more effectively into the community

This program is for older adults (55 years of age or over) or individuals who are younger than 55 years of age and have a disability. People can be referred by friends, a relative, a health professional, or the person wishing to take part in the program can refer themselves.

What happens in the Visiting, Social and Safety Program:

  • volunteers promote companionship and support through one-on-one home visits and/or other regular phone calls to seniors in the community
  • with the support of a volunteer or facilitator, program participants engage in social media activities to connect with family members and to broaden their network of friends and support systems.
  • provided in several languages depending on volunteer resources available.
  • facilitation of language learning and social clubs (e.g. “dance as if no one is watching”) and special celebrations

Specific activities include:

  • visits at home, calls and social media club at 248 Ossington
  • Social Media Club in Parkdale
  • English Learning Club
  • Bloggers Club
  • friendly connections
  • dance
  • Get Well club