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Preschool Children

Preschool Children

Preschool programming during COVID-19

To keep everyone safe, the preschool program will take place by phone and virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To join in for any of our programs or book one-on-one time with a program worker, contact Sonia at (416) 891-9629 or by email at

Take a look at the schedule below or view our online flyer to learn about our activities!

To join any of our programs online, use this link:

Meeting ID: 996 2503 1126

One-on-one support for parents and families

Our family support workers are available every Monday and Wednesday by appointment. Book a free chat with an early childhood educator to talk about your child’s needs, ask questions, and get parenting support.

We also have groups on Wednesday for parents to discuss parenting during COVID-19 and get support from one another and our staff.

Fun activities at a physical distance

We’ve moved many of your favourite preschool drop-in activities online — including story time, music and movement, crafts, science and puppets! Parents and kids are invited to join Sonia Tuesdays and Thursdays on Zoom for all that and more!

Ideas for family fun

With many activities for kids still closed or happening remotely, here are some great ideas for keeping kids busy at home.

Popsicle day — This is a simple treat to make with your children that is delicious and healthy. Simply get some bananas and cut them in half or quarters. Attach a Popsicle stick to the bottom of the banana to make it easy to handle. Make it fun by dipping the tip of the banana in melted chocolate or peanut butter and add sprinkles. Freeze for a few hours and then you have delicious and healthy Popsicle.

Homemade bird feeder – This activity is simple yet can help your child(ren) connect with nature. Simply get a cardboard toilet paper roll and spread peanut butter or anything that is similar to peanut butter all over the roll. Place birdseed in a shallow dish and cover the entire cardboard roll with seeds by rolling it in the dish. Attach a string and hang it outside for the birds. Observe what birds come to your feeder.

Chalk and rock letters/words – Go for a nice nature walk and collect as many tiny rocks as you can. When you get home, draw letters or words using chalk and get your child(ren) to trace the letter or words using the rocks they found on the walk.

Cosmic Kids Yoga – You can create your own yoga session or you can put on a Cosmic Kids Yoga video from YouTube. Like I mentioned before, this is extremely entertaining yoga for the children.

Float or sink – For this activity, you will need items around the house and a large bin of water (your bath tub might be fun and less messy). Have your child(ren) guess whether the item will sink or float. Discuss the results. This is a great simple and easy science activity.

Mother’s Day thumb print necklace – Make the clay recipe I have provided. Create a round or oval shape pendant and have your child make a print with their thumb. Make a pendant for each child. Don’t forget to make a whole for your string. You can do this by using a straw or tooth pick. Let it dry for approximately a day. Once it is dry, paint the pendant if you wish and attach the string. Happy Mother’s Day!

Moon Sand – If you’ve ever played with kinetic sand, moon sand is very similar and quite pleasant to play with. This recipe is easy to make and can give your children hours of entertainment. Try it yourself — maybe it can relieve some stress!

Dance Party – Put on your favourite music and dance your hearts out. This is still one of my favourite activities! Kids are active plus they are learning rhythm and movement.

Ice cube painting – Simply add food colouring to water and place in an ice cube tray. You can make several colours. Add a stick before freezing so once it is frozen kids can use it as a handle. You can use popsicle sticks or clothes pins. Once the coloured water cubes are frozen, remove from tray and begin painting on white paper. A great indoor or outdoor activity.

Digging for treasure – Hide alphabet letters, numbers, toys or anything that is fun to look for in a bin with sand. You can use the moon sand you made earlier in the week. Give the kids shovels or they can use their hands to look for the treasure. Create a colour or counting game with their found treasure.

Cookie day — Baking together is always a fun activity. Try a new cookie recipe or make your family’s favourite. My family’s favourite cookie recipe is chocolate chip cookies. Try it as a family!

Play dough creations — Play dough is a great activity to be creative and express your imagination. Play dough is also a great stress relieving activity for both children and adults, especially during these uncertain times. Make the recipe I have provided, at the end of this list, and enjoy hours of entertainment!

Under-the-table hammocks – Grab a bed sheet and slip it under your table and tie the ends at the top of the table. This creates a loose hammock under the table. Children can grab a book or stuffy and relax in the hammock under the table. I wish I could have done this as a kid.

Lego challenge – Most children have lego at home. Why not give your child(ren) a challenge by asking them to build you the scariest roller coaster or the tallest tower. Be creative!! For older children, have a building competition with them.

Hopscotch – Create a hopscotch outside using sidewalk chalk or use painters tape and create one on the floor indoors. Hopscotch is great for practicing balance and co-ordination. Turn it into a counting game or for older children, practice some addition.

Movie Day – Snuggle up on the couch and have a movie marathon with some healthy snacks and of course popcorn.

Family garden stone – This is a great activity that becomes a memory piece. We are living in history at the moment so why not create a keepsake for your family. Make the clay recipe that I have provided. Roll the clay to the size that fits all of your families hands. Press each family members hand in the clay and wait for the clay to dry or bake it. Once it is dry, paint each hand a different colour and write your family name on it with the year.

Balance beamCreate a balance beam using tape on the ground or even a swimming noodle. Practice with a straight line than make things a bit more challenging by making curvy lines.

Dinosaur fossils – Now that you are familiar with the clay recipe, this activity is super easy. Make some clay and press dinosaurs into it to create a print. Let it dry. You have just made a fossil.

Animal Walk – Inside or outside, encourage your child to walk like different animals. Slither like a snake, hop like a frog, gallop like a horse, walk like a bear..etc. To make it more challenging, ask your child to act like an animal for you to guess.

Grow a plant together — Whether you choose to start with seeds or plant one that has already started sprouting, this activity teaches children responsibility. Make this a family project where it becomes routine to take care of nature. Teach your child(ren) the basic needs of taking care of plants. Water + sunshine + love = happy plants.

Best Ever No-Cook Play Dough Recipe!

You need:

2 cups plain flour (all purpose)

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

1/2 cup salt

2 tablespoons cream of tartar

Up to 1.5 cups boiling water (adding in increments until it feels just right)

food colouring (optional)


Mix the flour, salt, cream of tartar and oil in a large mixing bowl

Add food colouring TO the boiling water then into the dry ingredients (colour optional)

Stir continuously until it becomes a sticky, combined dough

Allow it to cool down then take it out of the bowl and knead it vigorously for a couple of minutes until all of the stickiness has gone. * This is the most important part of the process, so keep at it until it’s the perfect consistency! *

If it remains a little sticky, then add a touch more flour until just right.