Non-Event 2015, The Raccoon Games! - West Neighbourhood House

Please do not join us as this year’s Non-Event, The Raccoon Games! Instead, contribute a non-entry fee to support our Music School and miss out on the whole thing!

Non-Event Raccoon Games

While Toronto focused on the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games, these furry little friends have trained for their moment in the spotlight. (Or streetlight. Or headlight.) Every garbage night, every hot summer evening, Toronto’s favourite nocturnal bandits have prepared for…The Racoon Games Non-Event!


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Do not join us on September 7th at midnight in our Executive Director’s backyard for this truly dazzling spectacle in support of our Music School

Events at the Games will not include: Garbage bin opening, who can stay still the longest when someone suddenly turns on porch light, and extreme fence and tree scrambling.

So how do you get out of attending this? Glad you asked!

Be sure to miss it all and not attend this once in a lifetime celebration of raccoon athleticism by purchasing a non-entry fee.

• $40 non-entry fee

• For $20 more, you can not witness the possum vs. raccoon wrestling match.

But seriously…help a child creatively express themselves through music

Music NOtesAs the games of the summer come to an end, many local kids look forward to enrolling in Music School programs at West Neighbourhood House.

Although the Music School offers high quality music lessons at an affordable rate, some families are unable to afford this expense. To ensure everyone in our community is able to participate in the joy of music, we offer subsidies for those who are unable to pay the full fee for programs.

All proceeds from the Non-Event will be used directly for these subsidies.

There is no federal or provincial funding for our Music School. Course fees and donations are the primary form of financial support for the School, which is why we ask for your individual support.

How to Donate

If the Raccoon Games sound interesting, but you’d prefer to include a donation so that you do not have to attend this event, visit our Canada Helps page and select the “2015 Non-Event: The Raccoon Games” option

Or you can call Kaleigh at 416-532-7586 ext. 215 to provide your credit card details over the phone.

Or you can mail a cheque to 248 Ossington Ave  Toronto, ON  M6J 3A2 and address it to West Neighbourhood House with “Non-Event” mentioned in the memo.We're #1

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