Everyone is Welcome at West NH - West Neighbourhood House

West Neighbourhood House is a place for everyone. Since we opened our doors in 1912, we have welcomed everyone in our community and that remains true to this day. From newcomers to those living on a low income, to people of every faith and racialized group, to every age and gender, we have always been a place for people to come together in a welcoming environment.

Although our belief that everyone is welcome has remained steadfast over the years, those beliefs aren’t always reflected by society at large. A divisive, anxious, and at times violent reality has surfaced as of late and so we want to take a moment to remind you that we are glad you are here.

It is our diverse group of participants, volunteers, and staff that enable the House to face challenges with creative solutions and improve our neighbourhood for all those who live here. Our diversity is our strength.

 We will continue working to ensure our community and our society is an inclusive place for all and stand in solidarity with those facing intolerance.

Want to be an ally? Take a look at these resources:

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