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Thank You

Thank you for Contributing Photo Collage

With your support, we raised $33,605.60 this year during our Annual Appeal! Some of you have been supporting the House for years and for others, this was your very first time. We truly value each dollar you so generously gave—thank you for allowing the House to continue its important work.

Take a look at the difference you made with your contributions last year:

  • 330 adults achieved increased literacy, educational and training milestones, providing them with the means to help their children with homework, upgrade their job skills, and be more informed voters;
  • 57 children from homes where they have witnessed violence or abuse have received personal and group support through our Woman Abuse Children’s Program;
  • $4.2 million found for 2,167 low-income people through our Financial Empowerment and Problem-Solving (FEPS) program and tax clinics;
  • 2,203 seniors, mostly low-income immigrants who helped build our postwar city, received home care from our dedicated team of Personal Support Workers. Home care allows seniors to safe safely in this community they know and love instead of moving prematurely (and expensively) to institutional care.

  The difference your donation makes to improved public policy:

 West Neighbourhood House also works on systemic problems that create such distress for less-advantaged people such as:

  • our Informal Economy Project with partners such as employers and workers to develop responses to the widespread labour market changes that have led to more “under the table” untaxed pay and temporary jobs that undermine the ability of young adults to establish financial independence;
  • our recent local town hall to inform our community about how to sponsor refugees in addition to our advocacy to the federal government to respond more quickly to the Syrian refugee crisis without sacrificing the numbers of refugees from other war-torn countries;
  • our continued push, along with many other partners such as U of T Professor David Hulchanski, for more affordable housing to address the “Manhattan-ization” of Toronto where increasingly only upper middle-income people and street-involved, homeless people live downtown.

If you are looking for a way to support the House year round, why not become a monthly donor?


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