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Filing taxes when you work for cash

Filing taxes when you work for cash

Many websites say you MUST file a tax return, but that’s not true!

If …

  • You want to get cash benefits from refundable tax credits,
  • You took money out of an RRSP to buy a home and didn’t put it back,
  • You have a spouse who needs benefits that require you to file your taxes,
  • You paid tuition fees you want to get a tax credit for in a future year,
  • You owe money to the Canada Pension Plan or Employment Insurance,
  • You sold taxable property or the home you lived in,
  • Want payments from government programs that require you to file, or
  • You think you owe tax money,

If you are low-income, government likely owes you money!

Most of the time, if you are low-income, the CRA owes you money and not the other way around. Make sure you’re not missing out on the cash refunds and benefits that might be available to you.