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West Neighbourhood House is here to help youth (age 13-24) in Toronto make connections, learn new skills and get prepared for their future.
Current Programs
Music School
Newcomer Youth Program
Youth Leadership Program
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Older Youth (18+) can also take part in the following Adult programs:
Adult Learning Programs
English Conversation Groups
Financial Empowerment
West Employment Services and Training
Women’s Empowerment Program

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West Neighbourhood House offers a wide variety of programming for preschool-aged and school-aged children, as well as for their parents.

Family Drop-In Programs
Our Family Drop-In programs are designed for parents, caregivers, and children under 6 years of age. These programs are free for everyone. Carefully crafted with your child in mind, each detail is part of a greater …

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We believe that violence against women is a human rights violation, hindering a woman’s ability to enjoy basic freedoms and contribute fully to society.

Violence against women is an intentional act of violence that manifests itself through physical, emotional, financial, psychological, sexual, isolation, cyber harassment and other forms of violence used to intimidate women, resulting in …

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PSWs (from left to right) Frehiwot Abreham , Eva Boongaling, Hema Tamang , Beverly Moreau and Wangdue Tsering are photographed at West Neighbourhood House in Toronto on Monday November 9, 2020. Photo: West Neighbourhood House/Chris Young

The Parkdale Assisted Living Program (PAL) provides on-site support services to help older adults and people with disabilities with their daily activities, enabling them to live independently in their own apartment and community.

COVID-19 update: PAL is still operating as normal during COVID-19 with extra precautions and PPE in place. In-person group activities are currently on …

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The West Active Living and Learning Centre (WALLC) is dedicated to promoting growth and wellness in a safe and welcoming environment that embraces the diversity of our community.

We offer a variety of activities to help connect older adults with their peers and with opportunities for fitness, education, community development, social connections, and more.

Please click on …

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The HATS group stands together

Health Action Theatre by Seniors (HATS) is an innovative, community-based health care program for seniors that uses a form of educational theatre to raise awareness about difficult issues facing older adults.

This educational theatre, performed by volunteer seniors, also promotes a positive problem-solving forum for both audience and participants.

Learn more about our programming for older adults.
Essential …

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Our Health Promotion and Education program provides educational and health related activities/services that promote wellness for older adults.

All activities/classes are free. To participate, you must register with the Older Adult Centre. Please call Seniors Intake at 416-532-7586, ext. 146 to sign up.

For more information, please contact Lucia Ramos at 647-214-0372 or email at

Learn more about …

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Older adults eat together at West Neighbourhood House

Social Dining provides a clean and safe space for older adults to share a meal, learn about seniors nutrition and participate in group activities.

Learn more about our programming for older adults.
Essential Information
Who is eligible:
Older adults (55 years of age or over) who live within Bloor Street to the north, Lake Ontario to the south, Roncesvalles …

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Two people talk over video chat on a phone

The Friendly Connections Program provides socialization and companionship to isolated seniors as well as adults with disabilities.

Learn more about our programming for older adults.
Essential Information
What does the Friendly Connections Program do?
In the Friendly Connections Program, volunteers promote companionship and support through one-on-one home visits and/or regular phone calls to seniors in the community. The program …

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