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Toronto Youth Job Corps


What is Toronto Youth Job Corps (TYJC)?

TYJC is a paid employment program designed to connect youth to the work place through employment, school and/or training.  We work with youth, between the ages of 16-29 who are out of school and out of work, to develop important life and employment skills that will ensure future success.

 The first phase of the program is called pre-placement. During pre-placement you will:

  • Have three days of orientation activities which include a detailed description of the program and expectations, team building and volunteer outings in our community
  • Have one day a week of life skill workshops and one day a week of employment workshops
  • Have three days a week on a paint site where you will practice your employability skills and learn to paint
  • Learn how to create your own resume and cover letter tailored to your job search
  • Become a paid member of a five-week Community Painting Project
  • Get the opportunity to explore your strengths, increase stability in your personal life and receive feedback from staff on how you can be a successful employee
  • Be paid based on your attendance, up to 35 hours a week at minimum wage
  • Receive tokens until you receive your first pay cheque
  • Develop relevant work and life skill experience and obtain an employment reference; and
  • Have a final evaluation of your participation over the 5 weeks.

The second phase of the program is called placement. During your placement, you:

  • Could receive up to 24 weeks paid work placement with an employer in the community tied to your interests and skills
  • Will receive ongoing support from staff to ensure you’re developing skills during your employment opportunity

We will support everyone in the TYJC program to further their educational and employment goals.

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